Wanna learn quickly? Join us on 2 classes a week: Tue &Wed 8pm, at Pac Dance Studio, from Feb 18th until March 11th.

During these 8 lessons, we will teach you the basics of Salsa, Merengue and Bachata, as well as give you a solid foundation for leading and following on any dance.  With this package you will have the opportunity to improve your dancing skills in just one month! Each lesson is 45min, and will include Salsa + either Merengue or Bachata. You are welcome to come with a partner or by yourself. Rotating partners is encouraged, but not mandatory. The lessons will happen twice a week. Wear whatever makes you comfortable: sneakers or heels, leggings or a dress, the important is to have fun. Just make sure your shoes are firm on your ankles and allow you to spin, or try starting on socks. Let's dance!

Beginner's Fast Track